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Holly Wolf

 Holly Wolf spent several summers in her early 20’s working on an organic farm, which soon lead to a passion for growing and gardening. A vegetarian for the majority of her life, she strives to eat healthy and grew to love growing her own food! 

 Here on Wolf Of The Wild, you will find updates of Holly’s garden, the progress, and weekly write ups about what is being planted, what is growing, and what was sucessful as Holly learns more about what works on her Canadian Climate. Holly’s Garden is zone 5b, if you live in a similar zone, she hopes you find all this information helpful! A new grower of ordamentals and flowers, watch as Holly strives to grow all things beautiful, and also adding new variety of edibles to her garden each year! 

 Along with her small urban garden, Holly is also actively helping her parents landscape and grow on thier larger, countryside 2 acre lot, with is full sun (unlike Holly’s more shaded garden) and you can also keep up with all her familes projects as she regulariy visits them to both help with updates and projects, but also uses the space to grow larger things that she can’t in her what most would consider a tiny city garden! Her parents land and garden are a HUGE work in progress, with almost zero work done on the property, it will take years to create a gorgeous space! So make sure you check back here regularily for all the updates from her home and her families! Holly strives to blog and post once a week, and also upload videos to her Wolf Of The Wild Youtube and OFTV channel as often as possible. 

Make sure to also follow Holly’s social media, where she posts more quick updates, including Instagram, Twitter and her very popular Only Plants as she likes to call it, a PG Only Fans account, where she easily has the most fun and candid moments in her garden!