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Filling Up My New Planter I WOLF OF THE WILD

The weather is finally warm, and I was extremely eager to get this new planter filled up with gorgeous greenery edibles and evergreens. Myself, my father and my brother put this gorgeous side planter together along my fence with recycled wooden beams, that we cut into various sizes and dug into the ground creating this earthy and natural looking planter.

We reinforced it by screwing sections together and then also adding some wire to crisscross between sections along the wooden fence to make sure that everything was nice and secure.

I also lined the inside of the planter with some basic landscaping fabric so that none of the soil would leak out since they were definitely some small spaces here and there due to the fact that this was made out of logs!

It’s been over a year since this planter was built and I was struggling with what I would like to fill it with, there was also a pine tree that we took out last year making it so I had to rethink what to place in the planter because I did have more space.

I had planted a few edibles last year in the spring, which actually did very well while the large tree (a catalpa tree) slowly starts to leaf out. It is the last tree in my yard to get it’s leaves in the Spring, which works well as when it finally does, it shades this ENTIRE area, making it hard to have plants that need full sunlight!

The catalpa tree was heavily shading out the pine tree, plus there was a smaller crabapple on the outside of the planter that I have removed in very early spring. It was hard to make such a choice to take out a larger pine tree, but you could tell he was suffering heavily, and it made this entire area even more shaded, which was already a little hard to deal with!

Now that it’s out, I am really looking forward to this space filling out!

This led me to brainstorm what I wanted to do in this newly empty planter. I decided to get some gorgeous globe Cedars, some Yews and use a bunch of flowering perennials! I will also will be mixing in some annual bulbs to bring more color to the planter as I wait for the evergreens to get to their full size.

I am so excited to watch this plan to fill out I think it’s going to be absolutely gorgeous and you can also watch the YouTube video to see the entire plant lineup that I purchased for this planter and see it all come together!


Publish Date

May 30, 2022