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Prepping With Grow Oya

It looks like spring is finally here and I couldn’t be more excited to get my garden ready and prepped for the upcoming season.. Something that I typically struggle with is leaving on trips for work and having to make sure that my plants stay healthy and watered while I’m away. I also don’t have a set up irrigation system it’s something that I would love to do but have yet to implement so I decided to give these new oils a try which I recently purchased from Grow Oya!

These cute little guys are clay vessels that actually come in different sizes depending on the space you have in your raised planter or garden bed, and you actually bury them in the soil every season to help keep your plants happy and healthy. One spirit in the soil you fill them up and as your plants grow and their root systems become stronger they will actually take water from the vessel itself that is distributed slowly through the pores of the clay and given out to your plants!


If you know me you know I get extremely excited about trying new things and this was the same for GrowOya. Instead of finding one or two to test them out I went head first and grabbed several large oils for a good amount of my raised garden bed and also a few smaller ones for the more shallowed depth beds.

I spent the afternoon putting these guys in their places and I am so excited to test them out this year and really see if they make a difference. Not only are they great for someone like me who travels throughout the summer months but it also helps with soil health and water retention since you don’t have to top all your plants nearly as much which makes water evaporate on the soil surface making you intern waste more water.


There is what you can say one negative to these clay Vessels and that is they aren’t frostproof so someone like me who lives in Canada which is a zone 5B in my area you do have to dig the out out every winter and store them after cleaning them to make sure that they don’t crack. this might take a little bit of extra work but honestly I think it’s going to be well worth it if it can really help me with my water retention and also bringing down my stress levels when I leave on work trips. Like I’ve already said I am extremely excited to see how the season goes.

Do you have an irrigation system in your garden have you ever heard of these would you try them? Let me know in the comments down below and thanks for reading!!



Publish Date

April 28, 2022