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Summer Planting With REV ORGANIC!

I’ve been hard at work getting my seedlings looking they’re very best, and I’ve been slowly getting everything into the garden as soon as possible. Here in Ontario, Canada, I am in zone 5B, so now is the time to get everything into my summer garden for some gorgeous colour and foliage!

This year I’ve been trying a new growth stimulant and liquid food for my seedlings and plants and I can’t wait to test it out throughout the season to see the difference it could potentially make. I can already tell you that all my plants are thriving and so happy! Growing from seed has been a breeze! Organic Rev is this very interesting formula that I had to give a try, it’s an amazing formula that is said to make your seedlings your plants flowers and vegetables better than they could be without its help. This season I’m going to be spraying topically as well as watering in several groups of seedlings with grow roses and also several groups of seedlings without it to see if I can see a viable difference in my harvests.

It’s been a few years since I started my garden and I do tend to amend my soil every season but there is definitely more I could be doing to make sure my vegetables are as fruitful and bountiful as possible I hope you come back later where I might have some amazing test results hopefully and maybe you’ll give this a try yourself. Here’s to hoping Rev Organic works as good as I expect it to!

Let me know in the comments down below if you use any liquid plant food or amendments in your soil that you swear by, do you have any holy grail products you are never letting go in your garden routine I’m just starting to look into this more and trying out several formulas I would love to know your opinion !!

The people at Organic Rev were so kind to give me a discount, you can use code WOLFOFTHEWILD at checkout to get a discount, and it also helps me and my channel! Make sure you check it out!


Publish Date

June 7, 2022