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The First Harvest Of Spring!

Spring is in full swing, and today I harvested my first full lettuce head of the season. I’ve been eagerly awaiting the moment where I have gorgeous fresh organic lettuce in my garden and today I was so happy to go outside and pick one for my lunch.


As many of you may know, I absolutely adore the Click&Grow system, and I’ve been experimenting with harvesting all of the plants in a pod except for one. After I’ve had my first harvest of greens, I take my plant pod and plant it in my garden.

To my surprise, everything I have planted from my Click&Grow pods, have developed beautifully and turned into a single gorgeous full plant!


Today I picked this gorgeous butterhead lettuce and made a delicious salad with it! There’s something so easy about the Click&Grow pods and honestly this has just made me want to experiment with more of their plant selection and try it more things out in my garden. Not to mention I’ve planted a few mustard varieties and holy moly.

They are massive!


Using this method is such a great way to start off your spring harvests I find I get a little bit of a heads up and can grow more things in the spring since I started them super early indoors with a little to no maintenance!

Enjoy these photos from my first harvest of the season. I am so excited for more!!!

Publish Date

May 28, 2023