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The Prettiest Lettuce You will Ever See! I WOLF OF THE WILD

There is something about growing fresh greens straight from your garden. And growing gorgeous varieties of lettuce is no different. It’s been an absolute blessing being able to test out and grow some new varieties of lettuce heads in my garden, most I ordered from Johnny’s Seeds. And I am truly head over heels for a few kinds!

There are 4 stunning leaf lettuce varieties that I have had amazing success with this season, which include Truchas OG Romaine Lettuce, Alkindus OG Butterhead Lettuce, Vulcan Leaf Lettuce, and my personal fav, Natacha Escarole!

I’ve used these amazing full heads of escarole as a sub for romaine lettuce for ceasar salads, and it works perfectly. It’s tolerant of huge heat, very resistant to bolting, and is just all around super tough. It’s looks perfect all the time! All of these varieties look stunning together in the garden, and you end up getting the most stunning salad mix with you add them all together!

It’s been an absolute delight being able to go into my garden and grab these pretty lettuce heads to make a salad with, use on top of sandwiches and so much more! All of these are picks I would 100% pick up again once I am out of seed, and I have already seeded more for when I need to replace some of my stock in the garden!

Are there any top lettuce varieties that you can’t live without in your garden? I would love to hear the ones you love and would always go back to! Lettuce and greens are a top fav for me, and something I use all the time, so I am always looking for hot new ones! Let me know what you are growing and loving this year! Don’t forget to watch my youtube video on my amazing lettuce haul, it’s so much fun! More pics from this look also free on my Exclusive OnlyFans!

Publish Date

June 24, 2022