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This Radish Harvest is HUGE!

I recently went to my parents to check up on thier garden, and noticed that they hadn’t harvested their radishes, so I decided to help them out, and grab all these gorgeous beauties from the garden! And holy smokes, I am still eating them in my salads and it’s been a few weeks!

I had planted these spring crops before the last frost of the season, and I used some frost covers and hoop houses to protect them from the Canadian cold. This was the first year that I had tried this, and I must say I am going to continue this in the fall and in the years to come to extend my growing season!

It was so amazing to be able to get both leafy greens like lettuces, and also these amazing radishes for my fresh salads, and I have the best time being able to go into my backyard, or head on over to my parents and haul away!

Not only did my parents have all these amazing radishes to harvest, but they also had some spinach that was starting to bolt, so I made sure to take that out as well, and planted new lettuce and some more carrots in their place! I also planted a new batch of small radish varieties in my garden since this, so I will have even more to harvest as I am almost done these ones!

I also discovered that you can make radish pesto, which I am so excited to make some more of, I’ve been enjoying it on bagels along with some cream cheese, it is so delicious!

Watch my video on picking these babies as well! It was so much fun!

Publish Date

June 24, 2022